$300/month In Crypto with Crypto Gaming

Enter Defi Kingdoms

Defi Kingdoms Is A Nice Little Defi Game That Might Seem Complicated
But It’s Not.


  1. My Personal Strategy
  2. How To Get Started In Defi Kingdoms
  3. Next Steps.

Let’s Keep Going

Since I Used Some Of My Jewel To Buy Heroes, I Now Have 2 Extra Heroes That Are Doing Other Professions Such As:

  • Fishing
  • Foraging

Step by Step Guide: How To Get One On Harmony.



✔️You Should Have Bought One Token.
✔️Withdraw It From Kucoin To Your Metamask
✔️Added Harmony Network To Metamask
✔️Switched Over To Harmony Network.


Now You Want To Go To https://defikingdoms.com

  1. I Suggest Joining our Discord.
  2. Subscribing To My Youtube Channel
  3. Becoming A Patreon Supporter
  4. Take Our Profitable Gaming Course



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