36 Tips That I’ve Created For Myself To Better Myself Every Day. I Wrote These 32 Tips When I Was 32, And Now That I Am 36, I Wanted To Add To It.

I’ve had an Awesome life… Really Extraordinary

  • I’ve Been Able To Pay Off My Wife’s Student Loan Debt Of $151,000
  • Acquired 1.8 Million Assets Of Real Estate At Age 32.
  • Bought Our Dream Home 3200 SQ Ft On 9100 Sq Ft Plot.
  • Been Able To Travel 4–8 Times A Year To Various Countries.
  • And Much more.

However, it wouldn’t have been this way if it wasn’t for the people I’ve met along the way. So Here Are Some Useful Tips That Have Helped Me To Continue To Strive For Greatness.

If you can take even one tip away; I’ve succeeded for the day; or maybe not, the choice is yours.😉

  1. There are many ways to be successful, and not one road to get there. Success comes in many forms and always changing as we reach new milestones.
  2. Challenge yourself every day, stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to grow. If you put in the average output you are going to get average output… and even less due to diminishing returns.
  3. Surround yourself with other successful people, successful people build each other up, motivate each other and inspire each other. While, unsuccessful people hate, blame and complain.

4. Learn something every day. The more I started to learn, the less I realized I knew.

5. Don’t depend on “Luck”, Create your own when you have prepared enough and the right opportunity is there.

6. Humans are extraordinary, they can turn weeds into gardens, turn rock into works of art, turn pennies into gold and failures into successes. What other thing, on earth can do that? We are extraordinary.

7. If you can think negatively, you can think positively. Right?

8. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind… They are connected… If you pollute one, the other will follow.

9. It takes money to make money, however, when you don’t have money you better start getting creative as F**k. I don’t get why people never understood this concept. Creativity is free, start putting in sweat equity.

10. Realizing that the wow factor of a Car vs a Luxury Car is about same after about a week of driving it, I prefer to keep my overhead low, and not pay for unnecessary expenses.

11. Try and make your life as routine as possible and minimize the time you spend on routine tasks. Stop thinking about what you will eat next, what you will wear, or spending more than 10 minutes getting ready. I have my groceries shipped to me with cooking instructions, I wear the same type of outfits day in and day out, and put some lotion on my skin and move on.

12. Time is our most precious currency, it’s always being spent but never gained.

13. Stop doing less than $100 an hour tasks. Try and automate your tasks as quickly as possible. Nowadays, it is super easy to find an app for that or even use websites to get things done for you in less time.

14. Understanding the failure is just a learning opportunity.

15. Success is just part of the journey and there are little successes along the way and should cherish those mini successes because they will ultimately bring you to your goal.

16. Try to cut out TV or Cut it down. It’s a time waster and really has no insightful information to give. You will be surprised how much time you have when you stop trying to catch up on shows.

17. Cut out the sugar, processed garbage, and fast food. Our bodies are like a Ferrari. If you are putting 87 Octane in a race car. It’s probably not going to be running at optimal performance, Let’s put race fuel in it.

18. Workout, Stretch and Hydrate. Our bodies can take a beating, but it important to take care of it. Spending an hour a day on your body is only 4% of your day, but it will pay dividends for years to come.

19. You have to meet new people, build new relationships and network today. Business deals, don’t happen after 1000 likes or 5 comments, they happen in real life.

20. Starting a Business takes major focus and drive, but anyone is capable of doing it. It’s just knowing you can.

21. Cut out the negative people in your life, they will drain you of energy and time, and just cause drama. I prefer to just unfollow the negative people, unfollow and move on.

22. Being a high Performer requires you to perform at a peak level, and your body needs to be ready for it. Don’t let yourself be the thing that slows you down, by not taking care of your body.

23. Investing time in your relationships is worth its weight in gold. The people that will support you, uplift, and be your best friend, are going to do more for you than you could ever know. Be kind to one another.

24. If I can pay for something that will speed something up, make my life easier, save me more time, or bring me a better investment If the numbers make sense. Why wouldn’t I?

25. Having Goals are important but having a SMART Goal is a must.

26. Posture is KEY! If you have bad posture, fix it right away. You have no idea how much better you will feel when your body feels align and how confident you will feel in yourself.

27. Start every day on a positive note, First thing in the morning do something that will boost your endorphins, If that is positive self-talk, meditation, working out, yoga, going for a run. Start your Day off with a success.

28. Investing in yourself has the Best ROI. Don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself, relax, take a breather. I realized my best ideas were made when I was on vacation, laying out under the sun, and doing nothing.

29. Be open-minded, by closing off your mind you are closing off opportunities that could possibly happen by being in the right place at the right time.

30. Get up earlier, you don’t realize how much you can get done when everyone else is still asleep.

31. Don’t let others tell you what you can or can’t do. Create your Empire, because no one is going to create it for you, no one is going to hand you a golden ticket or an “EZ button”, Life is about Taking action and having Grit, but most of all believing in yourself.

32. If you think you can’t, or you think you can, you are right.


33. Build Active income, And Buy Passive Income. As You Grow A Recurring Income Business, You Can Buy Income Producing Assets.

34. Double Down On What’s Working, Don’t Get Distracted By New Ideas, New Verticals, Or New Offers.

35. Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up. The Money Is In The Follow Up And Keeping You Top Of Mind.

36. Remember Why You Are Building Your Empire, Make Time For The People You Love.

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