Building A Car Rental Fleet On Turo.

Brandon The Boring Passive Income Guy

I’ve Been Renting My Car On Turo For About 3 Years Which Gives Me A Modest Little Pay Check Each Month; $833/Month

I’ve Decided To Step My Game Up And Add More Cars To My Car Rental Business.

I Have 2 Ways I Plan To Do This.

  1. Borrow Other Peoples Car’s And Rent Them Out For Them And Split The Profits 50/50.

You Can Read More About These Two Strategies Below

I Go Over Exactly How I Plan Use Other Peoples Car’s To Make Money
And The Exact System To Automate The Process 90% .

Let’s Get To How I Plan To Make 6 Figures From My Car.

Over The Weekend, I Bought Another Car.
The Exact Same Car I Currently Own.

2015 Toyota Prius.

I Paid $22,000 For This Car And 100% Financed.

Pro Tip: Know Your Financial Situation And Risk Associated With Taking On Debt/Leverage.

My Debt Service Is Going To Be Between $385–$432

While My Car Should Be Earning $833~/Month Or A Net Cashflow Positive Of $400/Month Per Vehicle.

If I Add 8 Additional Cars ( 10 Total).

Using The Same Numbers.
I’ll Have A $100,000 A Year Car Rental Company.

On 10 Cars Ill Be Collecting $8,330/Month In Income.
I’ll Owe $3,600 A Month In Debt Service On 9 Cars.

Profiting $4,730 In Positive Cashflow.

Since I Am 100% Leveraged, I Would Pay Down A Car Every 3–4 Months, So That I Free Up Cashflow While Lowering My Debt Service.

Once A Few Cars Are Paid Off, I’ll Use A Line Of Credit That Is Around The Same Interest Rate To Pay Off The Rest Of The Vehicles.

Freeing Up Cashflow And Lowering My Monthly Payment With Every New Payment.

The Reason I’ll Need To Free Up Cashflow And Start Accumulating Cash Is For The Next Part.

Next Steps After 10 Cars.

I Plan To Buy A Piece Of Land Closer To An Airport.
( We Have 2 Airports Close Together)

I Have A Few Options At This Point.

I Could Sell The Company For A 2–4x Multiple
Ie: Between $200,000 And $400,000.


I Can Hire Someone To Manage The Cars At The The Car Lot.
Paying Them $1,800 A Month ( $10 Dollars An Hour) To Manage The Properties.

Freeing Up Time For Myself.

Side Note: 10 Cars Isn’t A Full Time Job And Many People I’ve Talked To Say They Can Handle 20 Cars Solo Without Any Help.

If You Want A Step By Step Training On How To Make Money From Your Car.

Take Our FREE Training.
(It’s Going To Be Free Until I Reach My Goal Of 10 Cars)

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