Buying Meta Dust With Matic

Your Start To The Metaverse.

QuickSwap -

Contact Address: 0xaE935F91636166C96dd7C02614014C7CD84f550E

How To Buy Meta Dust.

  1. Go To https://QuickSwap.Exchange
  2. Make Sure You Are On The Polygon Network On Metamask.
    ( Read The Article Below To Set That Up First)

3. Connect Your Wallet To QuickSwap.

4. Go To “Select Token” And Enter The Contract Address From Earlier.

Contact Address: 0xaE935F91636166C96dd7C02614014C7CD84f550E

5. Press Approve Then Swap.

6. Congrats!

Meta Profits DAO Is A Community Focused On Maximizing Our Yields Through Play 2 Earn Gaming.

Join Our Discord: Meta Profits DAO

Learn More About What You Can Do With MetaDust



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