Crypto Gaming: A Beginner’s Guide

What is Crypto Gaming?

When people talk about crypto gaming, they’re referring to the use of blockchain technology to create gaming experiences.

Why Is Crypto Gaming Booming?

There are a number of reasons why crypto gaming is booming.

Top Crypto Gaming Projects

  • Crypto Kitties — Crypto Kitties was one of the first blockchain games ever created. These are collectible kittens that gamers can own and trade. You can also make money from breeding and selling cats.
  • Decentraland — Decentraland is a virtual world where you can build and earn rewards. Users can buy plots of land in this and earn revenue from renting out their land.
  • Axie Infinity — Axie Infinity is a mobile and desktop gaming platform where users can earn and battle against each other to earn crypto.
    You can earn money while playing games like Football Star and Virtual Tennis by completing challenges.
  • MyRichFarm— My Rich Farm is an online game where you can take care of a sim farm and plant and grow crops.
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Benefits of Crypto Games

There are several benefits to crypto gaming.

Limitations of Crypto Games

There are a few limitations of crypto gaming that you should be aware of.

What’s Next for Crypto Games?

With the rise in popularity of crypto gaming, it’s likely that this industry will soon see even more growth.

  1. More immersive games — Gamers want to experience more immersive games, and blockchain technology can help make this happen.
  2. Increased scalability — There has been a lot of discussion about scalability, and there are several projects currently working on solutions.
  3. Better security — Blockchain technology is prone to security issues, and developers need to be conscious of this.
  4. More adoption of crypto games — This will only happen if crypto gaming improves the overall user experience.
  5. Better marketing — Games need to be marketed better so that more people know about them.


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