Drip Alternative How To Make 1% Daily Rewards In Piston Token

Piston Race

Piston Race Has 1% Daily Rewards Up To A Total Of 365% On The Amount Of Piston One Has Deposited. To Join The Race, You Only Need 1 Piston.

How To Get Started With Piston Race.

Step 1. Switch To The Binance Smart Chain And
Go To https://piston-token.com

And You Are Done! Congrats!

Here Is A Snippet From Their White Paper On A Simple Diagram On How To Race.

Why Is Piston Better Than Drip?

  1. The Project Is Only A Month Old, And That’s 50% The Battle Of Crypto, Is Getting In Early On Projects.
  2. The Tax For Compounding Is 3% Vs Drip at 5% Which Means Better ROI For Compounding Rewards
  3. Liquidity Is Tied To BUSD Which Has Shown To Be More Stable In Bear Markets Than Projects Tied To The Native Token (BNB)
  4. They Put Some Real Care Into The Design Of The Project Vs DRIP looks like a 3 Year Old Created It.



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