Get Paid To Learn Or Sit On The Side Lines

(Someone Is Going To Make Money, Regardless)

Crypto Made Easy.

I Wanted To To Learn As Much As I Could About Crypto.
After Investing $66,000 Into Crypto,
Feel Like I Have A Masters Degree In It.

Over The Last Year, I’ve Been Able To Beat Bitcoin In ROI.

In March Of 2021, It Was Sitting At $48,000
Today: 46,000. As Reference… Flat.

How Did B̶E̶A̶T̶̶ Dominated The Crypto Market

One Of The First Things I Did Was Buy A
Gala Node And Got Into Axie Infinity.

I Spent About $7.5k Each Node For A Total Of $23,000

They Are Currently Going For.
$90,000 * 3 ( $270,000 Gain) 10x
They Also Mint 340 Gala Each Day At .24 Cent A Day $81 Each.
Other Tokens. ( I Own 3)

Plus: They Drop NFT’s Neat.

If You Are Interested In Learning How To Flip NFT’s
Check Out Our Guide Here.

Maybe, He Got Lucky…

I Am NOT A Technical Analysis Guy…
But I Trusted My Gut On A Real Opportunity.

I Got In Under $0.70 It’s Not Worth Almost Double, And A (High Of 5x)

What Is The Benefit’s Of A Soul Master You Say?

Every Month I Get Roughly 176 Soul Sent To Me To Restake.

And I Also Get Kcal And An NFT Crown That Gives Me More Kcal.

Total: 1.8x
$0.70 Cents → $1.24

176 Soul Every Month ( $220 At The Current Price)
102 Kcal Every Day ( $5 Daily At Current Price($153/m)

Invested $66,000 → Received Cashflow + Appreciation.

and Yes. You Can Cash Out Magic Internet Money…..

Let’s Continue.

I’ve Also Collected A Few Cool Things Along The Way.

But My Biggest Collection NFT Collection Is Probably Axies.

What About Making Money With Axies.

I Have About 210 Axies, With An Average Price Of $80.
Which Is About $17,000

And Yes… You Can Cash Out This Magic Internet Money.

If You Want To Learn More About Making Money With Axies.
Check This Out.

Always Finding New Projects, Tracking Results.

Is This The Next Gala Node?

Stats: 21% Cash On Cash Return in 30 Days Or 252% Return In 1 Year.

Double My Money In 1 Year?

Are You Keeping Track?

While Learning About Crypto… I’ve Been Able To.

Purchase 3 Gala Nodes Valued At $300,000
Axies Valued At $17,000
Other NFT’s Valued At $40,000
Other Crypto Valued At $80,000
Testing Projects Valued At $13,000

Plus: Cash Out $23,600 Of Profit.

$66,000 — $23,600 = $42,000 Invested.

$450,000/$42,000 = 10x+ Return.

Plus: Cashflow

Even If You Take Out The Gala Nodes

Beat The Market By 3.5x ( In A Flat Market)

Want To Know The Secret To Crypto?

Solid Projects + Getting In Early = Huge Gains.

So What Is It?

Do You Want To Be Early On Something? Or Late Too The Party?


Start Your Path



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