How To Become A PathFinder

Crypto Made Easy.

There Are 3 Ways To Become A PathFinder.

➼Support Our Discord Channel
➼Buying Your Way In
➼ Earn Your Way In.

What’s So Great About A PathFinder?

  • Learn About NFT Flipping And Play To Earn Games
  • Things We Are Testing, In Real-Time.
  • Different Ways To Make An Income In The Meta/Crypto Verse
  • More Epic Sh*t

Support The Discord Channel:

Boost Our Discord Server.

Buy Your Way In:

Side Note: 100% Of It Goes Back Into Support MetaProfitsDAO

Taking The Path

  1. You Could Earn Mbyte And Then Swap For MDust And Burn It.
    Learn How To Earn Mbyte For Free.
  2. Just Buy MDust And Burn It.

You Need To BurnMeta Dust.

How To Join Us:
Get Meta Dust From Quick Swap.

2. Send 10,000,000 Mdust To Burn Wallet.

3. Burn Wallet: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

4. Join Our Channel And Contact Our #Meta-Link And Put In A Ticket To Verify Your Sacrifice.

Join Our Discord:

5. A Ticket Will Open Up And You Can Verify With Our MetaLink Team.

And Once Verified, You Will Become A Meta PathFinder.



Creating a Community of Crypto Gamers One Player At A Time, More To Come:

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