Make $100/Day In This Play 2 Earn Game.

Crypto Made Easy.

I Started This Game 7 Days Ago, And I Am Averaging About

819 Nbox A Day.
At $0.09 Each, That's About $73~ A Day.

It’s Going To Average Down To About $40 A Day Over The Next Month,
But If I Continue To Compound My 200~ Nbox Every Day,

I Should Be Able To Hit $100/M In The Next Month Or Two.

It’s An Idle Game That Plays In The Background And They Are Building Other Mechanics Within The Game.

Play 2 Earn Games: Nbox

Nbox is a new game that launched 2 weeks Ago

It’s already 3x’d But It Dropped back down to a 2x and has been stable since.

• Low Market Cap
• Not Many Youtubers Talking About
• Idle Game

• Low Liquidity ( which can be a positive also, since it can shoot up fast)
• Unknown Product ( Hidden Gem)
• Easy ( Anyone Can Make Money)

First You Will Need To Buy Some “BNB” Token (BEP20 Token)

I Suggest Getting Some Kucoin: Sign Up For A Free Account Here

Next You Will Want To Buy Some BNB:

Once You Purchased “BNB” Token,
You Will Want To Withdraw It From Kucoin To Your Metamask Account.

Address: Your Metamask Wallet
Make Sure You Select Network: “BSC”
Withdrawal Amount:
You Need At Least $50 To Get Started In Nbox

Copy Your Meta Mask Wallet Address And Paste it Into Kucoin’s Address

Make Sure That You Have BSC ( Binance Smart Chain) As Your Network.

Next, let’s Add The Binance Smart Chain Network To Your Metamask Account.

I Use To Quickly Add Networks To My Metamask.

Check Them Out Here:

Search For Binance Smart Chain And Select Add Or You Can Add It Manually.



Go To Settings → Network → Add Network On Metamask.

And Enter This Network Information Below:

Copy Paste:
Network Name:
Binance Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Currency Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:


✔️You Should Have Bought BNB (BEP20)Token.
✔️Withdraw It From Kucoin To Your Metamask
✔️Added Binance Smart Chain To Metamask
✔️Switched Over To Binance Smart Chain

All 3 Games Are On The Binance Smart Chain Network So You Are Good Going Forward.

Nbox —Swapping

Now that you have BNB in your Metamask, you need to swap BNB for BUSD.

Go To Pancakeswap And Swap BNB For BUSD
1. Connect Your Wallet.

2. Go To Trade → Swap

You Are Going To Swap BNB For $50 BUSD

You Will Need To Connect Your Wallet
If You Haven’t And Then Approve The Tokens.

Then Swap.

Head Over To
Click on N-Guard And Guild Your Character Or Randomize It.

Once You Have Your Character Created, You Will Need To
Click “BUSD Recharge”

You Will Need To Send Your $50 BUSD To Your In-Game Wallet.

Your Ingame Wallet Will Pop Up And Copy Your BEP20 Wallet Address

Use Your Metamask Wallet To Send The $50BUSD

And Then Wait 2 Minutes, And The Checkout Your Character.

If You Did It Correctly Your Character Should Be Fighting His Way Through Enemies.

Now To Earn More You Need To Increase The Hash Rate.

That Is Done By Adding Nbox And BUSD In Equal Parts.

You Earn NBox Every Day, Which You Can:

Compound Or Buy On Pancakeswap.

The Token Address For Nbox Is:

You Would Replace BUSD With This Address On Pancakeswap To Buy NBOX and Follow The Same Steps Of Recharging NBOX .

To Get The Highest Earnings You Want To Keep The BUSD and Nbox Hash Rate The Same.

And Now Check Your Earnings Every Day/Week And Compound.

2. My Strategy

50% Of My Earnings And Reinvest Them Back Into More Hash Power
30% Will Be Used To Buy BTC/Eth
20% And Invest Into Another Game. ( Piston Race)

I Will Also Be Compounding My Safe For More Passive Income In The Future.
3–6 Months From Now.

I Believe Nbox Should Be Able To Get To Around $0.30 Per NBox,
Which Will Put Me On Point To Make A Daily Income:

Safe: $200/Day
HashPower: $1200/day

For A Total Of $1500/Day Or $45,000 A Month.
I Know These Numbers Look Extreme But When You Get In Early On A Project Like This One It’s Very Easy To Do.

3. Quick And Dirty Method:

  1. Get BNB On Your Metamask wallet
  2. Sign Up For NBox
  3. Swap BNB For BUSD on Pancakeswap
  4. Create Your Nguard Avatar
  5. Deposit BUSD Into Your Ingame Wallet
  6. Buy Your Avatar To Start Earning Passive Income

Your #1 Fan,

If You Want To Stay Ahead of The Curve:

  1. I Suggest Joining our Discord.
  2. Subscribing To My Youtube Channel
  3. Becoming A Patreon Supporter
  4. Take Our Profitable Gaming Course

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