How-To Make 6-Figures From Your Car

From The Boring Passive Income Guy.

I Make About $10,000 A Year From My 1 Car.

Or An Extra $833/Month From My Car, Passively.
Pretty Neat Right?

In Order To Make A $100,000 A Year Car Rental Business.
I Just Need 9 More Cars.

How To Be A Capitalist Without Any Capital.

The Car Rental Market Is Just Like The AirBnb Market.
Kinda… But With Cars.

So, How Can We Scale This Business Without Using Our Own Capital?

  1. Use Other Peoples Cars.
  2. Use Other Peoples Money.

Strategy 1. Use Other Peoples Cars.

The Plan Of Attack

How Am I Going To Use Other Peoples Cars To Make 6 Figures In A Car Rental Business.

Since I Need 9 Cars All Earning $800+ Month.

I Bought Some Business Cards Online —
$16~ For 500 Cards.

The Business Cards Are Simple:


I Plan To Take A Walk Every Single Day And Pass Out Cars That Are Still On The Street Mid Day.

Cars That Are Sitting Around During The Day Are A High Chance Of Being A Spare Vehicle That Would Make A Good Rental Car.

The Types Of Car

I Figure That If I Pay Out 10 A Day During A Walk On Cars:

  • Toyota’s Cars (Such As Prius And Mustang)
  • No Body Damage
  • Inside Is Clean

I Do A Quick Glance Around And Drop A Business Card On The Window Seal Of The Car.

After 60 Days I Should Have All 500 Business Cards Out.

Half Hour A Day Only + Getting Some Steps In = Win Win

I Bought 500 Cards And Only Need 9 Cars To Hit 6 Figures.
= 1.85% Conversion Rate.


I Have A # Number Listed On The Business Cards For The Owner To Text.

When They Send A Text, My System Will Start Replying, Automatically.

( This Whole Conversation Was Done Via Automation Software)

Once They Fill Out The Form, They Will Get Another Automated Response Saying We Received Their Form And Will Get Back To Them Shortly.

Depending On What Options They Put On The Form An Text Will Send An Text Saying Denied Or Let’s Schedule A Call.

If They Book A Call, Then That’s 1 Car Down, 8 To Go.

Strategy 2: Use Other Peoples Money.

There Is A Company I Found That Allows For A Line Of Credit Based On Your Credit Score And Income.

You Can Check Them Out Here.

The Plan Of Attack:

I Submitted My Information As A Turo Host.

Added My Turo Dashboard, Earnings From Turo And Some Other Information.

Once I Get Approved Between $20,000 And $200,000
I Can Add A Few Vehicles To The Turo Machine.

The Types Of Car

I Am Looking On Websites Like Facebook Market Place.
Or If That’s Not Allowed Then Dealership.

  • Toyota’s Cars (Such As Prius And Mustang)
  • Around $10,000-$15,000
  • 2 Cars = $1,600~ Cashflow
  • Debt Service Would Be $550~

Making $500+ A Car.

That Means We Would Need 20 Cars To Net $10,000 Months.

Buying A New Vehicle Every Other Month, If We Wanted.

These Are Two Different Options To Acquire Cars Without Using
Your Own Money.

There Comes A Scaling Issue With Cars And Space.

Once you Pay Down The Line Of Credit, I Wonder If You Can Use That Line Of Credit To Buy A Parking Lot?

So We Would Want To Buy Some Land.

Between The Two Airports Near My House, You Can Get Enough Land Between $40,000-$50,000 To Purchase. About 69(Nice) Listings.

A Loan Requires Only 20% Down,
Which is Only $10,000 Or 1 Month Of Profits.

Now You Can Rent The Space Out Or Move Your Cars Closer To An Airport,
Pay A Tenant $10/Hour To Work It Or $1,600 A Month.

Now You Have An Automated Car Rental Business With Land.

It’s An Actual Asset That Is Making You Money,
And You Can Sell It, Keep It, Loan Against It, Or Scale It.

Enjoy B$

ps. If You Want The Exact System I Have To Automate This
You Can Download It Below.


I Am Putting Together A Free Training On How To Set It Up For You.

Side Note: I Will Be Turning This Into A Paid Training Once I Get More Testimonials.

>> If This Form Is Still Up Then We Are Still Accepting People For Free.

If It’s A Sales Page.. Then Sorry You Missed Your Shot.

The Reason I Am Not Charging Thousands For This Right Now, Is Because I Am Testing It Myself.

And I’ll Continue To Do Updates On My Youtube Channel And Those Who Want To Use Other Peoples Cars To Make $$.

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