Rebel Bots: The Axie Infinity Killer

  • Land
  • Upgradable Bases
  • Passive Income
  • Guild Management

Rebel Bots Land

Land Is Required To Start Playing Rebel Bots.
Currently, They Are $75 USDC For Each Land On The Polygon Blockchain.

Here Is A Run Down Of The Pieces Of Your Base.

Each land is located in a different habitat and has various buildings:

How Do You Earn Crypto Though?

There Are Two Ways To Earn Cryto In The Form Of $xoil And $RBLS

Fighter Bots:

Fighter Bot Requirements:

  1. Five(5) Body Parts Depending On Your Play Style.
    Head, Torso, Left and Right Arms and Legs
    Pro Tip: You Can Get These From PvP Matches Or Parts Shop.
  2. Spark — Earned From Daily Challenges/Pvp Matches
  3. Xoil — Crypto Currency Can Be Bought Or Earned In Varies Ways.
  4. RBLS — Special Events Or Bought.

Rebel Bots

Rebel Bots Are Avatars That Oversee A Kingdom And They Take A % Of The Earnings From The Lands They Govern And Rewards From The Adventures And Arena Battles.

The Strategy

Before I Bought Any Rebel Bots, I Had To Verify A Few Things.

  1. The Rarity Of The Bot
  2. If There Is Land To Purchase For That Specific Kingdom.

How Do You Find The Rarity Of The Rebel Bot?

I Headed Over To Rarity.Tools And Searched For Rebel Bots Under Projects.
And Copy Pasted The Rebelbot #ID From Opensea To Rarity Tools.

  1. I Can Control My Kingdom, And Who Is Earning Within The Lands
  2. I Can Sell The Land And The Kindom As A Bundle To Others. (exit plan)
  3. I Get A Discount On The Land.

I Bought The Rebel Bot And 4 Lands (I’ll Be Buying More Soon)

And We’ll Be Giving Them To Our Best Players Who Want To Try Other Games And Have Other Opportunities To Earn.



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