So, You Are Ready To Start Your Quest?

So You Want To Get Started In The Meta?

The New Way To Build Meta-Wealth

What’s Next For A PathFinder?

  • Learn About NFT Flipping And Play To Earn Games
  • Things We Are Testing, In Real Time.
  • Making An Income In The Meta/Crypto Verse
  • More Epic Sh*t

Are You Ready.. ?

  1. Buy Matic
  2. Swap Matic For USDC
  3. Swap 50% Of USDC For Meta Shards (MShards)
  4. Add USDC/MetaShard Into Liquidity
  5. Receive LP-Token Add To Farm
  6. Earn Mbyte ( Meta Byte)
  7. ????
  8. Profit.



Creating a Community of Crypto Gamers One Player At A Time, More To Come:

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